I'm currently working on my new website. This is the "living" background that will show up when you visit anzui.dev but in realtime.


After a seven years break I'm again.
This feels so good. The kids are also loving to hang out at the skate parks. 🛹🛹🛹

@Mastodon @Gargron What is the preffered way to clean up a single user mastodon instance? Media is taking up a lot of space and I could live without media/images in old toots. Is there a way of deleting old media?

Just discovered that I can finally render volumetrics with in it's own pass and then combine it over a render! This is awesome, as cycles volumetrics rendering ist just utterly slow and hard to control. rocks!

@leah Wacom Intuos 3. Uralt, aber hält noch immer und das ohne Probleme.
Die Hand-Augen Koordination ist nur ein wenig Übungssache. Da kommt man ziemlich schnell rein. Ich mag an den Wacoms die glatte Oberfläche. Das erlaubt schnelle fließende Bewegungen.

Remember, there is a generation that don't see nothing wrong here.

Boost if you get it ;)

@aral Which is awesome. I love it! Especially that it works with https locally without any hickups!

But it's just not exactly my use-case. 😅

@aral Thanks. I will have a though on how to make it work. Eventually for me not using it's Let's encrypt features and make it operate on http behind the proxy would already work.

@aral What I wanted to ask you, how to use site.js behind a reverse proxy (nginx) and use it's letsencrypt magic at the same time? I love it's simpllicity and that it comes with batteries included, but I have multiple projects on the same server and currently use docker + nginx for hosting. How could I toss in site.js into that mix?

@Jonius @aral erm I think these things all came from anything other then from capitalists. All these things are available in countries with a strong social system, which was created over decades because of riots, individuals fighting for it and previous systematic failures. Nothing of that comes from capitalism. And if you think that the taxes coming from a capitalistic system are actually paying these social services, this is only because of regulations, which are undermined wherever possible.

@alexesc @aral spot the mistake here: "Like we could make a git repo or a google drive"

If you teach development, the first thing you should be teaching… before HTML, CSS, JS, etc., is ETHICS.

Teach your students to avoid 3rd-party surveillance-based APIs/components. Teach them to de-centre themselves… to build tools owned and controlled by the people who use them.

@leah @rash @bkastl visibility: hidden muss das Element vollständig offscreen rendern, damit es dessen Größe kennt. Denn visibility: hidden heisst ja nur: nicht sichtbar, aber das Layout-beinflussend. Bedeutet, das Bild muss auch geladen werden, damit die Größe bekannt ist. Warum nicht display: none? Evtl. habe ich eine Idee, wenn ich den relevanten Code-Teil sehen könnte, bzw. den genauen Use-Case, den du hast.

@leah Ohne JS kommt man dagegen wohl nicht an. Es gibt aber einen Trick, um Hintergrundbilder mit einer CSS-Klasse zu triggern: css-tricks.com/the-complete-gu

@leah In dem Fall war das ich. 🤐 Leider trifft das wie immer nicht auf alle Browser zu. Konnte das bisher im Firefox beobachten.

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